Voiceover Artist

A hugely experienced native Brit, delivering across all voice genres..

  • Straight reads 
  • Character reads 
  • Television continuity
  • TV, radio, cinema and online commercials
  • Television programme narration
  • Product “how to” videos 
  • Smartphone apps 
  • Corporate videos 
  • Explainer videos 
  • On hold messages 
  • Website greetings 
  • Toys and games 
  • Event “Voice of God” announcements; live / recorded 
  • Podcasts 
  • Computer games 
  • Online learning / E-learning

For some time now, I have been describing my voice as “articulate, classic and contemporary”.   I think that’s close.  Possibly, “Standard English” or “RP”, maybe even a “BBC voice”. 

Some listeners describe it as “posh” but others are surprised when I suggest that.  More than once, it has been described as ‘unpretentious’ – and I must admit to liking that!  

What I do know is that it my voice is commercially attractive because people can understand what I am saying.  It is authoritative, believable and credible. And while I don’t offer up accents, I can bend, twist, and make my voice dance or run through a whole gamut of emotions and experience.

In short, my voice is adaptable to suit both the product and listener, and has lent itself to promote a wide range of products for international brands including Sony, Bose and Miele. 

In a nutshell -  “light and shade’.   There.. I have REALLY helped you!

My voiceover studio

I work from my own, acoustically treated and near sound-proofed studio which consistently delivers beautiful broadcast-quality voice audio, designed to keep you & your clients very happy!

I speak into a Neumann TLM103 microphone and record and edit on an iMac using Logic software. The mixer is a Yamaha MG124cx.

I monitor finished audio on Genelec speakers or Beyer-Dynamic headphones and look out the window to the plants and trees for inspiration.

If you want to listen in to the audio as it is being recorded - and you have your own Pro studio, you can do so via isdn, connecting to my cdq prima 110 (musicam) codec. 

Alternatively Skype works well – so too,  ipDtl and Source Connect on Google Chrome if you are originating.

I am equally happy to a record a voiceover at a studio of your choice with the client present to allow them to make any last minute revisions to the script.


I believe in providing a very clear idea of what a project will cost to add my voiceover to it. However, there really isn’t a “one price fits all” scenario.  Dan the plumber from Penge, wanting a voiceover on his web site, will receive a very different price quote to McDonalds casting a voice over recording for new national campaign.

I will provide you with an outline of price once I have had sight of your script and spoken with you. For straight reads, I typically price point at < 3’ / < 5’ / < 10” and thereafter every 5’.

However, within different marketplaces, I promise to be competitive. Click here to find out more about my rates.














The right voice - business videos
PAMP Veriscan


The right voice - business videos
Obtala resources


The right voice - business videos
Total, Martin Linge field


The right voice - business videos
Helping kids after cancer


The right voice - business animations


The right voice - business animations
Software lifecycle


The right voice - business animations
SAT albatross


The right voice - business animations
Damarel findnet


The right voice - business animations
Staff finder


The right voice - business animations


The right voice - business animations


The right voice - tv commercials
Sony Playstation 2015


The right voice - tv commercials
Sony Playstation 2014


The right voice - tv commercials
Miele Scout


The right voice - tv commercials
Miele M Touch

“...the recording is really great!!! I am really surprised how interesting and dynamic such a text can sound if it is spoken by you! Thanks a lot, ”

Thomas E. McKinsey